for All T2A Generation. - ver 0.4.5
- Preface -

Times have changed and the old order is being forgotten.
A new order has been now established.

Ruins of an old world
Give rise to a new

A changing world and its people.
Where old blood is abandoned and new blood infused.

We are the philosophers, clinging to the old.
We are all who remain sane in this mad world.

Old blood decays
New blood gives way to new life

By devotion to an ideal already lost,
We are castaways who hold steadfast to this era

What is right, what is insanity?
Armed with rusty blades, this is our quest

To find an answer

View of the world
  • 〜 Locus Solus, the another world 〜

    You are a human in the world of Locus Solus, in which monsters and magic are real.
    Locus Solus is a free-roaming open world where you have the freedom to become anything you want.

  • Your future is created by what you do today.
    In this game, there is no concept of level, even in players, creatures or items.
    You can go wherever you want, whenever you want.
    You will become able to choose unique performance skills from a variety of choices.
    Creatures will try to kill the player character using their unique skills as well.

    You can make yourself by your will and behavior.
    And the success and failure caused by your choice will surely become your responsibility or achievement, and will be reflected in this world.

System Requirements
▽ OSWindows Vista/7/8/10
▽ CPUIntel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.8GHz or better
▽ Video CardNVIDIA GeForce GT 720 / ATI Radeon R5 230 / Intel HD Graphics 4600(*) or better
▽ Memory4 GB or better
▽ HD space2GB available space
▽ NetworkBroadband Internet connection and web browser
▽ Monitor1024x768 minimum resolution

  • Moving character
    Holding onto the left mouse button makes your character constantly move to that direction.
    When the character of stamina is reduced it will be "walking".
  • Targeting, collecting, opening chests, and talking
    Click the mouse's left button over the target.
  • Physical attack
    You can switch between War mode and Peace mode by pressing Tab key.
    Double click the mouse's left button over the target.

  • Controlling the window
    It is a window that is draggable at left-button.
  • To move the item
    You can move an item in the drag-and-drop.
    When equipping weapons or armors, drag the item from the bag to the Character Window's equipment slot or right-click the item.

  • Deletd the item
    Drag and drop the item on the ground.
    It will disappear after a certain period of time.

  • Controlling the camera
    By right-dragging, you can turn the camera.
    By turning the scroll wheel back and forth, you can zoom in/out.
  • Using item
    Click the mouse's right button over the item icon.
  • Skill attack
    Click the mouse's right button over the skill icon.
  • Ridding
    Click the mouse's right button over the pet.

Game Screen
Game Screen
  • @StatusYou can check all kinds of player such as Status,Weight,ControllSlot,and Gold.
    APaper DollYou can check all kinds of player equipped items.
    BBaseSkillBase skill table of character
    CChatLogAround the conversation and system messages are displayed.
    DInput fieldYou enter words here when chatting with other players.
    EBackpackThe backpack serves as the primary storage for individual characters.
    FMapIt shows the map of the area you are in.
    GBranchSkillBranch skill table of character
    HSystemYou can exit game, change graphic, and sound setting through system menu.
    IAction BarYou can place shortcuts of acquired skills and items in the Action Bar's slots.

Status Window
  • The Status Menu is a game interface that displays a host of information about a character.
    The Menu comes in two forms: full view and bar view.
    You can toggle display on / off with the S key on the keyboard.

  • Hit Points
    Hit Points refers to a character's ability to sustain damage. If a character reaches zero hit points, he or she is dead.Strength is the primary determinant of hit points, but they are not assigned on a one-for-one basis. The formula for calculating hit points is (Strength/2) + 50.

    Mana(Max Mana = INT)
    Mana can be thought of as "the stuff of which magic is formed." It is an innate and rechargeable resource that is expended to form magical spells. All creatures have some amount of mana, even plants and animate rock. The amount of mana a character possesses is determined by Intelligence and the Item Property Mana Increase. Both provide mana on a one-for-one basis. Mana will recharge of its own accord.

    Stamina(Max = DEX)
    Stamina is one of the main statistics-based functions of your character along with Mana and Hit Points. Stamina is determined by Dexterity, which translates into your total Stamina pool. Swing speed is dependent on Stamina. Stamina is depeleted when is holding beyond his/her weight capacity and attempts to move.

  • ◆ Strength(Min10 / Max100)
    The amount of strength a character possesses determines his or her Hit Points, melee damage, carrying capacity, and the types of weapons, shields, and armor that can be used.

    ◆ Intelligence(Min10 / Max100)
    The amount of intelligence a character possesses determines his or her mana, successful use of the skill Meditation, and in certain spell damage calculations.

    ◆ Dexterity(Min10 / Max100)
    The amount of dexterity a character possesses determines his or her stamina (which determines the rate of swing speed), ability to successfully parry, and the time it takes to apply a bandage.

  • Window Icon The Window Icon is an important and commonly used menu in the game.

  • Chat Log
    Around the conversation and system messages are displayed.
  • Paper Doll
    You used it to change your character and equipment.
  • Backpack
    The backpack serves as the primary storage for individual characters.
  • BaseSkills
    Base skill table of character
  • BranchSkills
    Branch skill table of character
  • Map
    It shows the map of the area you are in.
  • War/Peace
    War mode/Peace mode
  • System
    You can exit game, change graphic, and sound setting through system menu.

  • Armor Resistance Submenu

  • Physical Resistance
    Protection against physical damage
  • Fire Resistance
    Protection against fire damage
  • Cold Resistance
    Protection against cold damage
  • Energy Resistance
    Protection against energy damage
  • Poison Resistance
    Protection against poison damage

  • Other

  • Gold
    The money you currently have
  • Controll Slot
    A number that controls the pet ownership
  • Possession weight/Maximum weight
    The total weight of possession items.
  • LUCK
    Luck is an item property found on various equippable items.A character's total Luck is used when loot is spawned on creature corpses.
  • Tweeter
    You can tweet with a screen shot from within the game.

Action Bar
  • You can place shortcuts of acquired skills and items in the Action Bar's slots. By clicking the icon or pressing the key 1 to 0,- and \, you'll be able to use the skill or item.

Status Management
Status Management
  • Stats, an abbreviation of statistics, refers to the 3 statistics all characters have in varying amounts, as follows:
    Strength - Determines how much can be carried, amount of melee damage, and number of Hit Points;
    Dexterity - Determines Stamina and is important for skills such as Parrying; and
    Intelligence - Determines the amount of Mana a player has and can affect skills such as Magery.

  • Stat Locks & Cap

  • On the Character Status Menu, there are small arrows, or locks, located next to each stat.
    These indicate whether a stat will go up, down, or not move at all.
    To gain in a specific stat, make sure the arrow is pointing up. Both the individual and cumulative maximums that a character can achieve are capped.

    You can gain a maximum of 125 points in any particular stat naturally.
    Additionally, the sum of the natural stat values for your character cannot exceed 225

  • Gaining Stats

  • In this game, there is no concept of level, even in players.
    You can gain an unlimited amount of stat points per day, with no fixed intervals between gains.
    Skills each have primary and secondary stats associated with them.

Skill Management
Skill Management

  • The Skill Cap is a key balancing game mechanic in Locus Solus.
    It controls the amount of capability of a character can have by enforcing a limit on the number of total points in Skills a character can attain.

  • Skill Cap

  • Without the skill cap, a character could conceiveably become godlike with the max 100 points of each of the all skills in LS.

    This would ultimately make gameplay moot as everyone would eventually have the exact same capabilities, not to mention extremely time-consuming and boring to work on GM'ing all skills.

About Skills
  • Locus Solus has Base Skill and Branch Skill currently in game which determine the capabilities of your Character. As a new player, you can expend up to 700 points between these however you desire.

  • Base Skills

  • In order to improve in a skill you simply carry out the associated actions.

    For example, if you wish to train as a Swordsman, simply fight Monsters with a sword equipped.
    Likewise, casting a Fishing Pole out into the water is all it takes to become a better Fisherman.

    Each skill is associated with certain Statistics, which are trained in the same manner.
  • BranchSkills

  • BranchSkill is a skill that will be workable by user acquiring it.
    With each magic and by capturing monster, you can get skill and have broader range of play.

    When you use BranchSkill, your BaseSkill value increases and the BaseSkill value affect the power and success rate of BranchSkill.
    There is no skill value for BranchSkill.

Base Skills
Base Skills
  • Alchemy
    Alchemists create magic potions.
  • Anatomy
    Anatomy affects your physical attack power and healing affect.
  • AnimalLore
    Animal Lore can rename your pet name and see your pet stauts.
  • ArmsLore
    Arms Lore is a skill to identify the condition of a weapon.
  • Blacksmithy
    The skill of Blacksmithy involves:crafting arms and armaments; and repairing applicable items.
  • Carpentry
    You may learn special Carpentry Recipes and create items out of special forms of Lumber.
  • Cartography
    Cartography is an essential skill for those who wish to go treasure hunting.
  • Cooking
    You can cook a apply pie the Cooking skill.
  • Discordance
    Music will weaken the strongest of creatures.
  • Fishing
    Those skilled in fishing have been known to pull forth treasure.
  • Focus
    It increases both a character's Mana Regeneration and Stamina Regeneration.
  • Healing
    Healing lets you restore hit points on yourself or other players by using Bandages.
  • Inscription
    Those knowledgeable in Inscription may transcribe spells to create useful magical scrolls.
  • LockPicking
    When confronted with a locked chest, the Lockpicking skill is one you are sure to need.
  • Lumberjacking
    As your skill improves, your chance of successfully harvesting wood from a given tree increases.
  • Magery
    Those who study the magical arts few can surpass the power of a learned mage.
  • Meditation
    The Meditation skill allows your character to increase the rate at which they regenerate mana.
  • Mining
    The skilled miner seeks out these veins to harvest ore.
  • Musicianship
    Musicianship is the core Bard-themed skill.
  • Parrying
    Parrying is used to completely block melee blows from opponents.
  • PeaceMaking
    The music attempt causes those to whom it is directed to stop fighting.
  • Poison
    Poison can be applied to the blade of a weapon to swiftly bring an enemy to defeat in battle.
  • Provocation
    A player has a chance to make two creatures fight each other.
  • ResistingSpells
    This skill helps you lessen the severity of spells that lower your stats.
  • SpiritSpeak
    You will hear what ghosts say instead of OooOOOoOo.
  • Swordsmanship
    The benefit from increased levels of swordsmanship is a greater chance to hit your target.
  • Tactics
    Your level of Tactics determines how much of your Base Damage you are capable of inflicting on opponents.
  • Tailoring
    With skill in Tailoring, you can make clothing of all styles, and show off your taste in fashion!
  • Taming
    To tame a beast to accept you as master requires patience, nerve and a power of will.
  • Tinkering
    Tinkering is the skill that could be considered central to all creativity.
  • Veterinary
    With an investment in the Veterinary skill, you can heal most any ailment your pet may face.
  • Wrestling
    The Wrestling skill is checked automatically each time in bare handed combat.
  • MaceFighting
    Mace Fighting is a skill that allows a practioner to use the Mace class of weapons.
  • Fencing
    The art of fencing requires a dexterous hand, a quick wit, and fleet feet.

Branch Skills
A kind of Branch Skills
  • Weapon system

  • Coming soon...

  • Magic system

  • Clumsy
    Reduces target's Dexterity.
  • Create Food
    Randomly creates 1 of 10 possible food items and places it in your backpack.
  • Feeblemind
    Decreases target's Intelligence by a percentage.
  • Heal
    Restores Hit Points.
  • Magic Arrow
    A small, magical arrow is cast at the target.
  • Night Sight
    Improves target's night vision.
  • Reactive Armor
    The Reactive Armor spell increases the caster's physical resistance.
  • Weaken
    Decreases target's strength by a percentage.
  • Agility
    Increases target's Dexterity by a percentage.
  • Cunning
    Increases target's Intelligence by a percentage.
  • Cure
    Neutralizes poison.
  • Harm
    Affects a target within 10 paces of the caster. Cold damage.
  • Protection
    You will not be interfering with the chanting.
  • Strength
    Increases target's Strength by a percentage.
  • Fireball
    Casts a fireball at a target.
  • Poison
    Poison gives the effect of the poison to the target.
  • Teleport
    Caster is transported to the target location.
  • Wall of Stone
    Creates a temporary stone wall.
  • Fire Field
    Conjures a wall of fire.
  • Greater Heal
    Restores Hit Points.
  • Lightning
    Damages the target with a bolt of lightning.
  • Recall
    Caster is transported to the location Marked on the Rune.
  • Mind Blast
    This spell now deals an amount of cold damage based upon the caster's Magery.
  • Paralyze
    The target of this spell is frozen in place.
  • Energy Bolt
    Attacks a target with a bolt of energy.
  • Explosion
    Damages a target with an explosion.
  • Mark
    Binds a Rune to a specific location.
  • Flamestrike
    Damages target with a column of flame that deals fire damage.
  • Gate Travel
    Creates a Moongate to the location where the Rune was marked.
  • Meteor Swarm
    You will attract the meteorite.
  • Resurrection
    Resurrects a dead player. Cannot be used on NPCs, pets or monsters.
  • Earth Elemental
    An earth elemental is summoned to serve the caster.
  • Fire Elemental
    A fire elemental is summoned to serve the caster.
  • Water Elemental
    A water elemental is summoned to serve the caster.

  • Production system

  • Fishing
    You can catch a fish in the river and the sea.
  • Lumbering
    You will collect the logs from the tree with an axe.
  • Mining
    The skilled miner seeks out these veins to harvest ore.
  • Poisoning

  • etc.

  • Animal Lore
    The skill shows you a listing of its stats.
  • Arms Lore
    You can appraise the unidentified items.
  • Taming
    To tame a beast to accept you as master.
  • Release
    Your pet will return to the wild.
  • Follow
    Your pet will obey your orders.
  • Attack
    Your pet will obey your orders.
  • Stay
    Your pet will obey your orders.
  • Stop
    Your pet will obey your orders.
  • All Follow
    Your pets will obey your orders.
  • All Attack
    Your pets will obey your orders.
  • All Stay
    Your pets will obey your orders.
  • All Stop
    Your pets will obey your orders.
  • SpiritSpeak
    You will hear what ghosts say instead of OooOOOoOo.
  • Discordance
    Music will weaken the strongest of creatures.
  • PeaceMaking
    The music attempt causes those to whom it is directed to stop fighting.
  • Provocation
    A player has a chance to make two creatures fight each other.
  • Meditation
    The Meditation skill allows you to increase the rate at which they regenerate mana.

About items
  • In this world, not only are there weapons and armors to protect yourself, but there are also all kinds of items hidden, such as mounting animals, and pets.
    Weapons and armors have random stats and there are infinite types.
    Also, rare items called Rare or Legend exist too.
    You can also create a variety of items by crafting using regionally specific collectible items gathered while traveling around the world. Items will not only increase your chance of survival, but will make your adventure more prosperous, and comfortable.

  • Stackable Item

  • Items you can store more than one in one slot is called Stackable Items.
    The stackable number differs by item type, and a maximum number of 99 can be stacked.
    If you want to divide the stacked items, hover the mouse pointer to the item's icon, left-click while holding down the LEFT SHIFT key, enter the number you want to divide into the dialog box, and click Yes button.

  • Item property

  • The item has an additional performance called "Item Property".
    The property is assigned to the item from a list of 50 different properties.

    LUCK value or rare item will affect the number of properties.

    Items created by a Grandmaster (with the base skill value of 100) can produce items from a list of over different 50 properties.

  • Rare items

  • The name of trophy from monster or items from treasure box might have color. It’s called “rare item” which can’t be made with production skill.

    White - Rank0
    Bronze - Rank1
    Gold - Rank2
    Agapite - Rank3
    Green - Rank4
    Blue - Rank5

    The more rare it is, the higher its property is.

  • Engraved name

  • Items that Grandmasters produce will have their character name engraved onto it.

Treasure Hunt
About Treasure Hunt
  • You can get the treasure map among trophy you get from monster or from the treasure box.
    You need to decrypt this map and after decryption, you can dig the treasure buried in the place on the map.

  • Required skills

  • Cartography:
    You need it to decrypt treasure map.

    Dug up treasure box may be locked.

    Mining tool:
    You need it to dig the treasure.

    Battle related skill:
    You need to beat the guardian monster protecting treasure box.

    By reading maps with Magnifying Glass, your base skill of Cartography increases.
    With higher base skill, you will be able to read maps of higher rank.

  • The position of the treasure box

  • Once you succeed in decrypting map, you can see the content of the map.
    The treasure box is buried in X on the map.

    Look the map closely and find the place with X.

  • Find the treasure box

  • Use Mining skill to dig treasure box.
    (Click Treasure map)
    A message log about approximate place of the treasure box will be displayed.

  • The monster of Treasure Chest

  • When you dig the place where treasure box is buried, there will be guardian monsters.
    Once you beat all the guardian monsters, you can open the treasure box.
    If it’s locked, use LockPicking to unlock.

    *You can dig treasure box by clicking Mining skill cursor on decrypted map.

  • Rank of treasure map

  • Relationship between the message and the map rank that have been written on the map.

    A Tattered, Plainly Drawn Treasure Map. [Treasure map - Rank1]:Decipherable skills 27.0
    A Tattered, Expertly Drawn Treasure Map. [Treasure map - Rank2]:Decipherable skills 71.0
    A Tattered, Adeptlyly Drawn Treasure Map. [Treasure map - Rank3]:Decipherable skills 81.0
    A Tattered, Cleverly Drawn Treasure Map. [Treasure map - Rank4]:Decipherable skills 91.0
    A Tattered, Deviously Drawn Treasure Map. [Treasure map - Rank5]:Decipherable skills 100.0
    A Tattered, Ingeniously Drawn Treasure Map. [Treasure map - Rank6]:Decipherable skills 100.0

Storage of data
  • Storage of data
    This game uses an auto save.So, you can not save manually.

    If you want to resume the game, please call your avatar.

Q: I can't move the character!
A: Left click the ground to start moving. Holding down the left mouse button will also work.

Q: I want to chat with other players!
A: Press enter to display the entry field down in the left hand corner. Type in your mesasge and press enter again to send it.

Q: How do I attack?
A: Double click the enemy with the left mouse button.

Q: The status window disappeared!
A: Press the S key of your keyboard.

Q: I want to use an item!
A: Hover the mouse cursor over the item icon you want to use, and press right click.

Q: I want to get rid of an item!
A: Left click and drag the item you want to get rid of, and drop it in front of your character.

Q: I want to equip an item!
A: Right click the item icon within the bag.

Q: I want to unequip an item!
A: Right click the item icon within the paper doll(PD)

Q: I died!
A: Either get other players to revive you or touch the ankh.

Q: I want to retrieve items from my corpse.
A: Hover your cursor over your corpse, and when the cursor changes to a hammer, left click the corpse.

Q: I died in water! I want to retrieve my items from outside the water.
A: The camera needs to be within the water for you to retrieve your items.

Q: I want to retrieve items from my corpse that is underwater.
A: Submerge the camera, and when the cursor changes to a hammer, left click the corpse.

Q: I want to see what the other players are equipping!
A: Right click a player, and you will see a "paper doll" button, and from there, you can see other player's equipment.

Q: The dungeon is dark!
A: To light up the dungeon, use a torch, black potions, or cast the "Night Sight" spell.

Q: I want to take a screenshot!
A: Press F1 to take a screenshot. On the top right hand corner of the status window, there's a twitter button where you could tweet using that screenshot.

Q: Can I take movie and broadcast on-time?
A: Please feel free to take screen-shot or video of this game and publish it on the Internet.

Q: I’m a ghost but I want to have help menu!
A: With h key on the key board, you can open help menu.

Current Bugs
The character might run in place (especially on the chasm on the ground).
When camera gets into the water, there might be some lag.
The character might be able to climb some wall in dungeon.
With game image level lower than standard (Good), the ground texture might be divided clearly into dark parts and lighted parts when lighted with torch or magic of the night sight.
Monster might be stuck with wall or obstacles (just beat them while they are stuck).
The cool down of skill might not end (if you open the page of the skill, cool down will proceed).
When moving, the character might seem like bouncing up and down.

If you find any bug/inconvenience other than listed above, please report it on bug board.
You can make new post for report.